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          Xuzhou Fangzheng Excavator Bucket manufacturing centre is one of professional manufacturers of excavator buckets in Huaihai economic area. We adopt professional design, advanced laying-off and bonding technology, and choosing high quality steel to manufacture sets of equipment, such as VOLVO, KOMATSU, CAT, HITACHI, DOOSAN, HYUNDAI, KOTA , LEBHERR, KOBELCO, SUMITOMO. We also can manufacture all types of non-standard, special buckets according to our customers’ demands, such as ditch cleaning buckets, V buckets, strengthen buckets, rock buckets, and loader buckets. We would like to provide better service for customers by high quality products, reasonable price, and quick dispatch.
            生產設備能力/Manufacturering equipment capacity
          The productive technology and manufacturing methods of our centre have reached the international advanced level. There are CNC meticulous plasma cutter, large CNC bending machines, large programming CNC plate bending rolls, large the plate leveler, and large-scale bailing molding equipments, which can offer hardware support. Meanwhile, we own many advanced equipments, such as large buckets, frame welded frock, jig, all-position welding positioner, work station, shot blasting equipments, temperature control dry-type coating application, and air facilitated coaters to form powerful flexible welding and process production line and to manufacture the first-class products for our customers.
            安全保證/Safety assurance
            產品一次交驗合格率≥97.5%,出廠合格率高;顧客滿意度≥85%; 合同(訂單)履行率高。
          We have established the complete QA system, and we also obey and hold it strictly according to the ISO9001:2008 standard. The centre supervises the all the process, measure and analysis, then takes the corresponding correct and prevent measures. According to the result, we will constantly improve the quality management systems.
          Qualification rate under first acceptance check should be more than 97.5%, quality objective should be ***, customers’ satisfactions degree should be more than 85%, and the contract fulfillment rates should be ***.